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2020 Senate  Legislative Program

We, the Hawai'i State Senate, are dedicated to the protection and sustainability of our people,

communities, natural resources, and economic prosperity. 

To This end, we are committed to advancing the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

as a framework to achieve a prosperous and sustainable Hawai'i.

Hawai'i has established itself as a global leader in addressing sustainability and climate change challenges.

The Senate's prioritization of the Aloha + Challenge and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals has led to policy changes while fostering partnerships between government and organizations including the Hawai'i Green Growth United Nations Local2030 Hub and the Hawai'i Community Foundation's CHANGE Frameworkto promote and enhance a coherent statewide policy for sustainable development.


We will continue to work with these partners and the public to improve our communities. 

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